Our 100N life jackets are all inherently bouyant. In addition to helping you float, 100N life jackets will turn you onto the safe back position. Under the existing SAMSA framework, 100N life jackets are suitable for Category E and D vessels (up to 10 miles offshore).
Baltic 1240
Baltic 1240

Baltic 1240
Baltic 1240

Baltic 1240 100N


Approved under SANS 12402-4

Suitable for sizes 15kg - 30kg, 40kg - 90kg

Two sizes (child and unisex adult)

Price: Available on request

The 1240 is a classic life jacket in durable high visibility fabric fitted with retro-reflective patches, front zip, adjustable waistband, crutch strap, top and bottom ties, whistle and a lifting handle behind the collar (only 15 kg - 30kg model)

Remember - all our Baltic products come with a 5 year guarantee!