We are a growing family-managed business that is passionate about service delivery. But, most of all, we just love water sports.


Our home was made in the jewel of the Garden Route, South Africa, giving us plenty of testing ground for our newest products.

Yes, we are distributors who are wrapped up in being efficient. But, we love life too much to be boring. We enjoy living an adventure, and we want to help others to do the same. That is why we do what we do.

We are also the sole appointed agents for Baltic Safety Products in Southern Africa, specialising in life jackets and personal flotation devices.


Ted is a water sports enthusiast. When you can't get hold of him, it is very likely that he is hitting the surf at Victoria Bay, or setting up a sail at Wilderness beach. Always ready to test new products, Ted sources a healthy pipeline of new and exciting products from around the world. He is here to make your life easier.

Get in touch with Ted for:

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Sue looks after the money side of the business. She makes sure that we are still around next year to keep you stocked up with exciting products, instead of filing late tax forms. When she isn't in the office, Sue is studying for her Nature Conservation degree and volunteering at the local penguin sanctuary.

Get in touch with Sue for:

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     - Accounts / outstanding amounts